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Our Aerial Silks classes focus on learning tricks that will impress your friends and exhaust your body. Silks has a unique way of targeting stabilizer muscles throughout your entire body while building your upper body and core. Our classes will meet you at your skill and experience level and provide you with a great workout and a sense of accomplishment. Men, women, and kids 13 and up are all welcome. We offer private lessons and parties as well!

Use the scheduler below to sign up for a class!

In this core-intensive class, you’ll get a full-body workout as you move through the air! Plus, you’ll become more flexible and increase your stamina all while having a great time with our experienced staff. Class size is limited to ensure lots of hands on instruction and attention. Classes last 1 hour with warm-up, technique, conditioning and stretching.

Does the idea of hanging upside down make you excited and nervous? No worries,  Aerial silks is scalable regardless of your skill level, and everyone can get in on the fun!  Wear form fitting workout clothes for class along with your “let’s do it!” attitude. This class is for all skill levels….we love beginners!

Check out our YouTube channel of our students doing Silks performances!


Tuesday, 7:45pm – Intermediate Silks
Wednesday, 7:45pm – Beginner Silks
Sunday, 6pm – Intro to Silks
Sunday, 7pm – Open Practice


Looking for a unique party idea that gets you and your friends moving?  Try your hand at some fun tricks, get pictures of  your group posing together and see what it’s like to bring beauty and strength to new heights.  It’s the perfect way to start a birthday outing or bachelorette party.  All parties are 90 minutes and include private use of the silks studio and party room.  Come “hang” with us! Please email [email protected] to schedule your party!


  • 1st class: $20
  • Memberships are from $99-129/month
  • No silly signup or initiation fees
  • Sign up on the day you try class for the first time and get a pair of gloves for free!
Silks is one of the coolest programs Atlanta Kick offers. While being a massive core workout, people learn an elegant aerial ballet which includes flips, swings and drops! Definitely one of the most unique aspects of the gym since it’s harder to find around town.Ryan Shelor