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Karate Adults


Karate is more than just a way to get in shape or learn self-defense.  When you take karate with us, you’ll not only get in shape and learn self-defense, you’ll also push yourself physically and mentally further than you thought possible. No matter how athletic or beginner, you’ll fit right into our all – levels welcome martial arts classes. 

If we are a martial arts studio near you, come on in and check out a complimentary Karate class – no strings attached!


  • Fitness
    Susan – Age 36 – “My friends have been amazed at the physical shape my body has taken. This is the first time in years I’ve been able to show off my arms in sleeveless shirts.”
  • Confidence and Self empowerment
    Ann – Age 28 – “Mentally, I became more confident because I was achieving things that I never thought were possible.”
    Genevieve – Age 25 – “My most difficult obstacle was negative thinking. I had no idea how often I had defeating thoughts until my instructor started pointing it out.”
  • Community and Friends
    Sydney- age 31 – “I feel like I’ve gained a 2nd family here”
    Elizabeth- age 26 – “The social aspect is an unexpected bonus”
  • Improved Health
    Brandon – Age 41 – “I’m getting into the best shape I’ve been in for years.”
  • Positivity and Mindfulness
    Stephen – Age 52 – “Karate helped me redefine my self-image.”
    Marco – Age 23 – “I look forward to each class and leave each class on a natural high.”
    Steph – Age 20 – “Karate is one of the most positive activities you can do; you’re surrounded by people whose number one goal is to help you succeed and improve.”

Whether you want to learn self-defense or you’re looking for an activity to be a part of a super cool community near you, Atlanta Kick in Buckhead offers something special for everyone.  In our martial arts studio, we emphasize the importance of true self-defense, physical fitness, self empowerment, and strong communities.

Join our class to learn the mechanics behind punches, blocks, and kicks in a beginner-friendly setting. Stick around to practice mental discipline and perseverance, ultimately growing into a strong-willed martial artist and overall individual.


  • 1st class: FREE
  • Memberships are from $129-149/month
  • No silly signup or initiation fees
  • Sign up on the day you try class for the first time and get a pair of gloves for free!

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I can honestly say that I am in the best physical shape of my life, and it wouldn't have been possible without the whole Atlanta Kick team encouraging me every step of the way!

Atlanta Kick has been so warm and welcoming. From the attentiveness to our questions to the subtle touches like sending handwritten notes in the mail really mean a lot to us and our son.

I love AK! I’m so glad my roommate introduced me to the studio. Currently doing kickboxing and Ariel silk here, absolutely love the instructors. Paula is patience and informative, thumbs up for the management team too!

Just want to say thank you to John and the Atlanta Kick team for ecouraging our son and helping him overcome his fears. You are very patient motivators. Thank you very much!