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Are you ready to shred fat, build muscle and increase your flexibility?  Kettlebell training has consistently been proven to be one of the best ways to supercharge your body and get into shape FAST.  We love beginners and will teach you the important form and body mechanics so you get the most from this 30 minute calorie melting class.

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I love the 30-minute kettlebell circuit classes at Atlanta Kick. My body literally reshaped as I gained lean muscle and trimmed fat, like no other work out I’ve tried! The instructors know their stuff and they always keep the work outs varied, interesting and challenging. The Atlanta Kick staff always make me feel welcome. They remember my name (you are not just a face in the crowd like at other, big-box gyms). I highly recommend coming in to take a class!Lynn McDaniel

Nervous about swinging a cast iron weight around? No need to worry, we’re great with beginners and always focus on form above all else. All students must take Kettlebell Basics before coming to our regular Kettlebell classes. In Kettlebell Basics, we’ll explain the common movements performed in classes, monitor your technique for safety and give you your first Kettlebell workout. Please wear whatever you feel comfortable working out in. To try a class for free, just make an appointment. After class is over, we can sit down and discuss our membership options.

Top 5 Benefits of Kettlebells

Combines cardio and strength training into one workout
Strengthens every muscle from head to toe
Build a lean, muscular physique without bulking up
Low impact
You don’t need to do additional cardio training
Kettlebell classes are dynamic and fun. Every workout is different, saving you from boredom and challenging your muscles to adapt and conquer! Our classes will give you a full body workout that will leave you sweaty and energized. You’ll workout with great music that keeps up the intensity, and the diversity of the classes will get you hooked!

Kettlebell workouts are efficient. They replace barbells, dumbbells, med balls and even treadmills.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll burn as many calories as an hour run! Not to mention, you’ll get the camaraderie of our great community and motivation from our friendly instructors. Kettlebells are a fantastic core building tool requiring you to engage your core as you move the weight through the range of movement. We hit every muscle group with these quick efficient workouts. Whether you’re new to kettle bells or an old hand you’ll be challenged.

If you’re looking for a great way to increase your overall athletic performance kettlebell classes are right on point. The dynamic movements will help strengthen your joints to prevent injuries and to increase your overall muscle mass. Kettlebell training produces long and lean muscles perfect for carrying and lifting as well as sporting your favorite sleeveless styles. Along with overall tone, regular kettlebell classes will build muscle and decrease fat. Lose inches while having a great time and kicking butt!

In our Kettlebell classes, you’ll increase your long term stamina from the high levels of strength-endurance produced by the dynamic swings and movements of our classes. Kettlebells have gained in popularity recently but have been keeping people fit for years. They’ve lasted the test of time because they are just so very effective.

The variety of the workouts will keep you motivated and get you to your goals faster. The beauty of our kettlebell workouts is its focus on muscle integration instead of isolation. The drills recruit multiple muscle groups to work together. We’ll work your ENTIRE body and emphasize the core and back. Kettlebells have a long history of whipping people into the best shape of their lives: start your story with us.