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Little Ninjas - Kids Karate

What is the Little Ninjas Program?
5-6 year olds are the most enthusiastic students. They love creativity and problem solving, which makes them ideal students in the Martial Arts. The problem is that they are so progressive in following tasks that some teachers tend to treat them like their older peers. This is a problem because they often still do not have the basic skills necessary to keep up with children ages 7 and up. The solution is to provide them with their own program that targets their stage of development in a manner that adapts to their social and intellectual curiosity, while at the same time building skills that set them up for success. Our structured program introducing basic skill-based training in Martial Arts has proven to be very successful.

Here’s how the program works
By understanding the stages of development of 5 and 6-year olds, we selected 8 age-appropriate skills that make up the Little Ninjas Program: Focus, Teamwork, Control, Memory, Balance, Discipline, Fitness and Coordination.  We cover one of the above skills per class. During each class, we run a warm-up, deliver a mat chat about the skill, run two or three skill-building drills and then we have them demonstrate the skill to earn their skill-stripe. They must earn 8 skill-stripes in order to graduate to the next belt level.

Each class session is incredibly well-paced, keeping students engaged the entire time.  Even while doing individual skills with an instructor, rarely do students have to wait in line for more than 30 seconds because of the high teacher to student ratio.  My son quickly learned the class routines because of their consistency and how they are modeled by the other students and junior instructors. Sabrina Manns

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