Kyudo Classes
Kyudo Classes Atlanta

Kyudo – The Way of the Bow

This is an introduction to formal Japanese longbow archery – a traditional martial and ceremonial practice going back more than a thousand years. The objectives of the classes are for the student to become able to shoot the 7 ft. Japanese longbow safely in the manner expected by the masters of the Zen Nihon Kyudo Renmei. Students will also be exposed to the relevant Japanese cultural, Zen and samurai influences. All instructors hold formal Kyudo rank awarded by Japanese masters. We approach Kyudo as an activity undertaken to improve the individual’s ability to focus their minds and to function with harmony of spirit, posture, breath and motion not only in the act of shooting but in every aspect of their everyday lives.

Kyudo differs from western archery in that shooting is very difficult to accomplish at all in the beginning. This is typical of the “do” (way, path, practice) whether Kyudo, Taikuando, Aikido, Shado (calligraphy), Chado (tea ceremony) and others. In Kyudo accuracy is not the primary objective but rather the outcome of establishing the ability to maintain true bodily form and mental focus. Kyudo is not a combative activity, but does have inherent dangers. The opportunity to release an arrow will occur late in the first series as determined by the progress the student has made. Successful students may advance to membership in the Georgia Kyudo Renmei and be accepted for more advanced training.

Schedule: Classes are 1-1/2 hours each Thursday evenings at 8pm.

Who can take this class: Students must be at least 16 years old. Students under 18 years of age will need parental consent. There is no upper age limit as bow strength can be adjusted for age, gender, and physical strength.

Pricing: $15 per class or $40/month. Payments can be made at the class by cash or check to GA Kyudo Renmei.

Instructors: Joseph Reid, Yondan (4th Rank) and other members of the Georgia Kyudo Renmei

Questions? Email [email protected]