What would you do if someone attacked you?

Many people think of self defense as a AK WEB 2kick to the groin or jab in the eye of an attacker. But self defense starts before any physical confrontation begins. We first teach you evaluate situations for possible threats, and how to do everything possible to avoid fighting someone who threatens or attacks you. Finally, we teach you what to do if an altercation turns physical.

Most of self-defense is all about using your head to prevent an attack before it happens. We teach you the most important self defense tactics – identifying and avoiding dangerous or compromised situations, as well as quick and effective reactions to danger. You’ll learn how to hear and trust your instincts, intuition and common sense to avoid a potential attack before it happens. We teach you how to turn up your awareness, and develop the instincts to help you size up a situation empowering you to make a decision instead of a panicked reaction. If something does happen, you’ll have the tools and techniques to respond.

InAK WEB 1 addition to this crucial mind training, we will also teach you simple and incredibly effective physical self defense strikes. You will learn how to efficiently use physical force to protect yourself while working with trained instructors on where and how to strike an attacker in order to survive and get away from most any physical confrontations. Our class also includes practicing reactions to common social confrontations; first how to react without physical interaction, then what to do if it does turn physical. This class is specifically designed for beginners so no prior practice or training is required. Class size is limited and open to all students and adults ages 15 and above.

Please use the form below to reserve your spot for our free seminar on Wednesday, July 31st! If you are unable to make this class or are interested in private lessons with one of our black belt instructors, email us at [email protected]