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Yelp Reviews

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My son just started karate here and loves it! They are great about maintaining contact with the parents and making the kids all feel included!
– Kristen L

My best stress reliever after a long day at work is to go Atlanta kick and take it out on the kickboxing bag!
– Donna M

Just started here a couple weeks ago & I absolutely LOVE it. This place is exactly what I’ve been looking for since I moved ITP last summer.
– Kimberly G

I’ve tried kickboxing at at least 3 other gyms and I can truly say I love this place. I really didn’t know what to expect, but the staff is so friendly and supportive– which makes you want come back.
– Jane E

Google Reviews

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I’ve never worked out before going to Atlanta Kick. I found them through their aerial silks program, and not only did that program help me gain strength and confidence, but seeing the other classes (karate, kickboxing, kettlebell, etc.) from afar for a while eventually led me to try them.
– Allison B

My son has been taking karate classes at Atlanta Kick for the last 7 years and recently earned his black belt. The staff at Atlanta Kick does a great job working with the kids in a way that makes it fun for them.
– Google User

Hooked on Atlanta Kick from the first class I took 10 years ago! I was quick to invest my time in this school, their classes, students and staff and they in return invested in me.
– Google User

“Karate Instructors are role models for my daughter”

“Atlanta Kick has been one of the best things to happen to my children (and for me)”

“The STORM team taught my daughter about leadership”

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