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When: January 4th – January 31st, 2021

Price: $99 for AK Members


The New Year is the perfect time to make the necessary changes for creating a healthier you. The goal of this challenge is to reduce inflammation in the body, stimulate weight loss, and reduce body fat percentage. To do so, we will use the Paleo style of nutrition. To keep things fresh, this year we also have an option to combine Paleo with intermittent fasting.


Set a Goal: 

Participants are encouraged to set a goal to either lose weight or reduce their body fat percentage. 

A scale to measure weight/body fat is provided at the gym (there’s a cool app, too!)


Attend 3 Classes at Atlanta Kick each week: An important part of a healthy lifestyle involves regular physical activity. Part of this challenge is to work out 3 times a week at Atlanta Kick.


Checking- In: Participants who attend in-studio classes must check in using the Zen Planner App to accommodate COVID related procedures. Athletes who attend virtual classes will simply follow the class links found at https://atlantakick.com/members.


Tracking Results: Participants will be asked to track results on a weekly basis. What you track will be dependent on the goal you have chosen. Examples include a weekly weigh-in for weight or body fat percentage, body measurements, counting how many days you were compliant with your nutrition plan, or taking weekly progress pictures.


Logging Food: Keeping a food log is strongly suggested for all participants. The MyFitnessPal app is free and when you add me as a friend, I can read over what types of foods you are ingesting and learn your habits. Even though a food log is not required, it is a very useful tool for me to help modify and personalize your nutrition over the 28 days and keep you accountable.


Nutrition Counseling: Athletes must have a weekly check-in with Andrea to discuss your nutrition, assess fitness performance, and provide feedback to help you achieve your goals. This will be done through email, texting, or Facebook messenger.



Paleo: This style of eating is focused on whole foods but with some very specific food limitations. Paleo refers to the paleolithic era when humans were still hunting and gathering their food in the wild to survive. The basis of this style of eating is to only ingest the types of foods that were available to early man. Your diet will be limited to lean proteins, tons of green vegetables, nuts, and some fruits. If you enjoy sweet potatoes, rice, whole grain toast, and oatmeal, please think heavily before switching to this plan. It is very effective for leaning out the body, but it also feels very restrictive until you settle into a routine.


Optional Intermittent Fasting: Athletes will have the option to create an 16/8 fasting schedule every day or to have a full 24 hour fast one day per week. The 16/8 timetable denotes the athlete will fast for 16 hours out of the day and have an 8-hour window in which to eat. The 24-hour fasting option involves a strictly liquid diet that still upholds the paleo standards. More information will be provided to participants upon signing up.


Cheat Meals: No cheat meals are permitted during the 28-day challenge.


Alcohol: Athletes will abstain from drinking any alcoholic beverages within the challenge dates.


Completing the Challenge: At the end of 28 days, a final weigh-in, measurements, or whatever tracking mechanism was used will be taken to assess your progress.

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