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Karate Adults

How to Stay Motivated to be Fit and Healthy

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the latest fitness fads. The trick is not to work out longer or harder, but work out smarter. Check out Atlanta Kick’s student testimonials to see how our work outs can offer results for EVERYONE.

How Martial Arts Can Change Your Life: Instructional/Work out  Video

Follow along some basic Karate moves and find out how martial arts can benefit your life physically and mentally.


Why Kickboxing is the Best Work Out

Atlanta Kick teaches you how work outs can be fun and efficient with our intense calorie burning kickboxing class.


Circuit Training for the Mind and Body

Get a full work out in with Atlanta Kick’s circuit training, maximize your time, effort, and fitness.

Feel the Burn: Circuit Training Work Out

Don’t let quick work outs fool you, Atlanta Kick’s short circuit training is a full body burn for everyone.


Sculpt Your Body with Cross Fit Training

Simple but effective work out, Cross Fit can transform your body and your confidence.

CrossFit Adults

Crossfit: The Best Work out for YOU

Cross fit is for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or a fitness beginner, Atlanta Kick creates a unique work out for each student.

CrossFit Kids

Build Confidence Early On: Crossfit for Kids

Atlanta Kick teaches healthy living for kids, with fun work outs that boost children’s fitness, confidence, and bonding.


Get in the Best Shape of Your Life With Operation Boot Camp

Client testimonials on Fox 5 about the benefits of operation boot camp style training. The full body work out is intense, dynamic, and effective.


Aerial Silks: Build Strength and Flexibility

Strengthen and lengthen your muscles with beautiful aerial routines.

Stay Fit and Fly High with Aerial Silks

Aerial silk moves that improve flexibility, core, and arm strength.


What to Expect at a Kickboxing Class

Client testimonials of the benefits of kickboxing, a physically and mentally rewarding work out for people of all work out levels. Beginners always welcome!

Best After School Program: Martial Arts for Kids

Listen to Atlanta Kick teachers, parents, and children speak about the benefits of Karate. Kids learn fitness, discipline, focus, social skills, and basic self defense.

Why Karate is the Best Work out for Kids

Karate promotes important life values that help children in every day be active, focused, patient, and social.

Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

Atlanta Kick client testimonials, Karate for children teaches children about mental and physical health.

Karate Fitness Training- Strength and Conditioning

Atlanta Kick client testimonials about the benefits of Karate. A full body work out aimed at people of all skill levels that WORKS in sculpting, toning, and boosting your mood.

Atlanta Kick Offers a Training Program for Everyone: Reach your Health and Fitness Goals TODAY

Welcome to Atlanta Kick, where we cater to YOU, with a wide variety of dynamic work out classes that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.